Why do children come to see Dr. Markus?

Their parents and teachers notice a discrepancy between their test taking ability and daily performance.

The children's program focuses on the process of learning, moving children from passive recipients of information to active generators of ideas. Dr. Markus's exercises teach new ways of processing information which can be applied in school as well as every aspect of their lives.

Students gain better problem solving abilities and learn alternative strategies for decision making, as well as logical thinking and organizational skills. These skills all lead to better study habits, test-taking skills, and grades. The program helps provide insight and competence in difficult school subjects and helps students identify their analytical strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the successes they achieve in this program increase their self-esteem and confidence.

When parents recognize the following learning behaviors they contact Dr. Markus to enroll their child in her Learning How to Learn Program.

  • My child doesn’t like school

  • My child cannot think or perform on their own.

  • My child isn't organized.

  • My child has trouble learning math.

  • My child has difficulty organizing their thoughts either verbally or in writing.

  • My child has low self-esteem.

  • My child hasn't learned how to learn.

  • My child has no intellectual curiosity.

  • My child can't do mental math.

  • My child doesn't speak up in class.

  • My child doesn't ask or answer questions in class.

  • My child is not motivated to learn.

  • My child doesn't like to read.

  • My child won't stop playing video games.

  • My child has horrible handwriting.

  • My child won't study.

  • My child doesn't perform well on tests.