Aging Brain - Preserving Brain Power

Why do aging adults come to see Dr. Markus?

  • They feel "out of the loop" and want to maintain an interest in life and new things.

  • They want to learn the underlying skills they need to learn and use new technologies.

  • They have difficulty remembering new things.

  • They have trouble attending to details.

  • They want to regenerate their ability to take risks.

  • They have difficulty multitasking.

  • They have problems going from one task to the next.

  • They want to stimulate their visual perception.

Research has shown that like other muscles brain function is a use it or lose it proposition. The more aging adults challenge and use their minds the more agile their brains remain. The aging adult program is designed to help older individuals improve their mental flexibility, problem solving and memory. Aging adults who have worked with Dr. Markus say that they concentrate better, have become better communicators, and feel more confident in their ability to handle their day-to-day lives.


These are screenshots of Progressions Exercises: